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The X Files - Mulder and Scully

Gillian Anderson photographed by David Venni.

Gillian Anderson: 'It kept me sane and alive': Gillian Anderson on therapy at 14, sex scenes and why she loves London

I loved The X-Files! This show started when I was 7 and I still remember seeing the first episode when it aired. Friday night was X-Files night. I still love it.

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The Fable of Mulder and Scully.  11x17 print  The by tumblebuggie, $16.54 i so want

The Fable of Mulder and Scully. - 12x18" print - The X-Files


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From Scully to Stella: The Fall and rise of Gillian Anderson X-Files News, X-Files 3, X-Files Forum, and XFiles Season 10 IDW! • View topic - Which is your favorite Scully hairstyle?

Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully- the X-Files