Scumbag Spidey

A collection of 60's spiderman, enjoy!

can you see the "fuck you" in my smile ?

I know this look but I don't typically smile if I don't feel it.I have fuck you written all over my face haha

What happened, Doctor Sheldon Cooper?

I'm the rebel in modern day society. Society for back then. With no money and no education, you become brainless dopes like Justin Beber

Silverspoon Scumbag Meme

The Best Of The Silverspoon Scumbag Meme

The Silverspoon Scumbag is some dude who protested against Occupied Wall Street with a douchey sign. The internet saw him (thanks to STFU.

Nope, y'all need to watch to the end of the credits- the monkey brings him back by stealing a gold aztec piece again.

Funny thing: Shot was originally meant for Jack to kill himself with, and Tia Dalma/Calypso assists in bringing him back from Davy Jones locker. HOWEVER, Jack intended to use it on Barbossa who Tia Dalma/Calypso also brings back .

Come on Guys, You Should Have Learned This Last Year

Come on Guys, You Should Have Learned This Last Year

Funny pictures about Every College Class Ever. Oh, and cool pics about Every College Class Ever. Also, Every College Class Ever photos.

Rly annoyed with myself rn because I'm trying to watch tv but I'm on Pinterest and I'm missing everything but I don't want to get off Pinterest

It's always that 1 sock or it's gonna bs a battalion of socks falling

I love nerdy guys - with abs

Idiot Nerd Girl - i love nerdy guys with abs smh

Give it to 'em GOOD.

50 Comebacks Will Leave Them SPEECHLESS (& And Make YOU Laugh)

Sometimes people just need to hear it. Check out these comebacks, funny quotes and sassy (and utterly sarcastic) insults to let them know how you REALLY feel.

the marauders

I'm so the last statement. 'I'm deciding if your a good person or not'

hahahah everything about this is perfect

Dumbledore: Screwing Slytherin since 1997 <---I would like to point out that technically book one takes place in So. Screwing Slytherin since

Harry Potter Albus Dumbledore scumbag headmaster lol troll funny Hogwarts

Scumbag Dumbledore.

The newest funny stuff pictures.A sense of humor is needed armor. Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.Does anyone remember laughing?

Not a SINGLE word. | "Shut up. I wear heels bigger than your dick." -Broken-hearted girls everywhere

30 Quotes For When You Want To Say A Big “F-YOU” To Your Scumbag Ex

Here's a line you can use sometime, just not on me, haha. I hope I can help you smile tonight :-)

This has just made me want to play the Sins again

Scumbag Sims

I once built a walk around a social worker and it kept taking my money away. And then my sim gave birth and I was bored that the social worker wasn't dying so I deleted the wall and she took the newborn baby too.


How A “Scumbag” Meme–And Massive Marketing Opportunity–Was Born