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I used to be so afraid of that place, I was convinced pirates lived there.

balade photo en Finistère, Bretagne et...: Pays Pagan et non pas les Seychelles (6 photos dont 3 pano.)

Pays Pagan et non pas les Seychelles photos dont 3 pano.

Stingray City, Cayman Islands  http://www.fluffyhero.com/ #fluffyhero9 #travel http://tracking.publicidees.com/clic.php?progid=2185&partid=48172&dpl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.partirpascher.com%2Fcircuits-pas-chers%2F

I chose this because the ocean is an inspiring place. The ocean is inspiring to many because it can give the thoughts of calmness or relaxation.

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coiour-my-world: “Last Light on Reine (Norway) ~ by Christian Bothner ”

hi j here not quite sure what to write. i like vball, sunflowers, & my dog

lsleofskye: “Miami Beach South Beach ” If you are a bachelor then dating is something which can become a daily extravaganza for you as most women dig a guy


The Lord is my light and my salvation: Seaside ~ Photography by Greg Fgd

Roscoff, France an old shot, which remained hidden for 3 years, that I've foun back by sorting hundred of images last week end. the new HDR mode in Lr6.2 is finally very efficient. and I miss so much the Star flare of my pentax ... compared to the crappy nikon flare ...

Santec is small city by the northern brittany shore. Santec is small city by the northern brittany shore…

Le #Vietnam en 22 photos !  Tous nos voyages Vietnam sur www.vietnamoriginal.com

The magic of Vietnam in 22 pictures