Baby Ocean Turtle struggling to get to the ocean to survive.

Baby turtle iphone wallpaper Just keep paddling

Gorgeous sea turtle, we need to protect the ocean life, so amazingly beautiful!♡♡♡

Moorea Blue Diving Center, Moorea Picture: fireworks tortoise Credit: TripAdvisor members' 7773 photos and videos of Moorea Blue Diving .

Sea Turtle in the Cayman Islands.

sea turtle in the Cayman Islands - [photo] by Carey Chen

Baby turtle... keep swimming  #wildlife #sea #turtle

Baby Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle are just my favourite. Seeing them swimming around in the sea at the pier in Greece this summer was incredible.

untillthestarzfall: “ ilaurens: “ Young Okinawan Sea Turtle - By: (Pete Leong) ” i freaking love sea animals especially sea turtles ”

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Baby sea turtle almost there! image via Celebrating Life on Facebook at

Baby turtle making its way to the sea. Look at the tiny turtle imprints it leaves behind in the sand.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle.

15 Instagrams That Will Give You Wanderlust of the Water Variety

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The refraction of light from the surface hit perfectly onto a tiny Loggerhead sea turtle creating a complete color spectrum of light.

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Baby Sea Turtle.

Cute baby sea turtle and love the colors!

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Happy Sea Turtle Day and to celebrate we though you should KNOW YOUR SEA TURTLES! There are seven sea turtles ranging from the largest Leatherback to the.

"Green Sea Turtle swimming among coral reefs near Kona, Hawaii~ ©Lee Rentz"

HAWAII: The Grace of Sea Turtles

Meet the newest #turtle hatchlings on Bare Sand Island in @ausoutbacknt. These two were seen hatching and heading for the sea during a @seadarwin Turtle Tracks Tour this week.

The newest turtle hatchlings on Bare Sand Island

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