Tippytoe Crafts: Fluffy Seal Pups

I'm back with another polar animal -- Harp seals! But for our craft, we made the pups. These fuzzy Whitecoats are so cute!

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Night Light You are going to buy this? Night Light DIY: Wine Bottle Light 30 Things You Had No Idea You Needed DIY mason jar night light

Walrus animal craft | Sheknows.com The pom poms and drinking straws are a must for any craft for kids, right? :-)

Is your kid into animals? We've got you covered with these fun craft ideas

Popsicle sticks Arctic Animal craft for kids

Popsicle stick polar bear

Popsicle sticks Arctic and Antarctic Animal craft for kids. Cute and simple polar bears, penguins, walrus, and seals. From Craftionary

Cute Pompon Seal and Penguin Cute Kawaii Animal Mascots Toy Tutorial pdf E PATTERN Instructions in Japanese with Template Titles in English

Cute Pompon Seal and Penguin Animal Mascots Toy Tutorial pdf E PATTERN in Japanese with Pieces Pattern in English

This gorgeous newspaper Earth Day craft is a simple and beautiful craft for kids for Earth Day, fun Earth craft for kids and recyclable crafts for kids.

Gorgeous Newspaper Earth Day Craft

Recycle some newspaper to make this cute earth day craft. Or get creative and let the kids come up with other uses for items that would otherwise be thrown out!

Following winter series of Arctic and Antarctic animal crafts for kids, I am sharing seal craft today. Make easy popsicle sticks seal craft with children.

Easy Arctic animal seal craft

Make an easy popsicle sticks penguin craft using lolly sticks/ wooden sticks with kids.

Craft project - The students like this. We colored with crayons and added them to a "beach scene" on construction paper. It went along with the "Star of the Sea" picture book.

Starfish Craft for Kids + Template