No sense trying to compile a commentary on Black Tie without Mr. B. Here's a 60's look featuring fly-front shirt (instead of studs), and that leaves more flexibility for the cufflink style. Notched lapels are a bit less classical, and the tie is skinny, of course.

James Bond and Lessons in Manliness

Sean CONNERY (b. [Filmsite] as 007 Shaken, Not Stirred. He once made a speech in which he bemoaned the rise of violent movies, saying "I like my audiences stirred, not shaken".

Brigitte Bardot and Sean Connery

Bardot & Connery back-stage / while filming Edward Dmytryk's 1968 western Shalako. Bardot & Connery back-stage / while filming Edward Dmytryk's 1968 western Shalako.

Sean Connory as James Bond, 007

Terence Donovan Sean Connery (b. full name, Sir Thomas Sean Connery, is a Scottish actor best known for portraying James Bond in 7 Bond films between

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Sean Connery. I discovered him in "The Man Who Would Be King," and didn't care that he was the first James Bond. I was taken with him in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" and in "The Untouchables."

Oh my god this is my He so amazing actor and what can you say Sir Sean Connery had me with the accent and the eyes!

Connery, Sean Connery

Leading roles that were turned down (Part I)

Sir Sean Connery, one of the greatest actors of our time. I named my son Sean after him!

The only Bond to win an Oscar.,,Sean Connery.  He won it for "The Untouchables," not for a Bond movie.

In pictures: The life and career of Sir Sean Connery

Sean Connory gewinnt den Academy Award für den Film "The Untouchables"

Fotos ineditas de famosos 2

Fotos ineditas de famosos 2

Sean Connery Just Saw Your Socks With Sandals. Guess what he thinks.

Sean Connery ( = D) - subtle chalk stripe suit (suitable for N)

If It's Hip, It's Here: Angelina Jolie Print Ad and Video Teaser for Louis Vuitton's Core Values Campaign.

Sir Sean Connery for Louis Vuitton. The LV Core Values campaign was shot at his home in the Bahamas by famed photographer Annie Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore find more women fashion ideas