The Vampire Diaries TVD S08E13 - Damon and Kai.

The Vampire Diaries TVD - Damon and Kai. ~he's evil but so damn hot~

cw, Nina Dobrev, and season 8 image

Nina Dobrev and her 4 characters. It's amazing how she can play 4 characters and change between 4 different personalities.

The Vampire Diaries TVD S08E16/Season finale - Damon and Stefan

The Vampire Diaries TVD finale - Damon and Stefan. This made me cry so MUCH No show can ever replace TVD

The Vampire Diaries TVD S08E16/Season finale - Elena and Stefan

He just announced that he gave up his and Caroline's happy life for his brother AND for her and the first thing she thinks about is "IS DAMON MY SEXY BABY BOY OKAY?

I feel like Rebekah got better if you watch the originals but in tvd she's just nasty

The Vampire Diaries & The Originals are a great show she is so funny lol

#TVD Season1-8

the development of Elena in this is kinda sad.we don't see her in season 7 or 8