An outfit planner from Mother of the Bride Outfits where you can choose the right outfit colours for you, based on your hair and eye colour, also your skintone.  From

Warm Autumn I believe or clear spring. Choosing the right colour clothes is difficult. Help is at hand, with this outfit colour planner that matches colours to your eyes, hair and skin tone

16 types, seasonal colour analysis. I personally prefer the 12 types (12 Season) and find the extra 4 seasons unnecessary. 12 months in a year, 12 Seasons, it just makes sense. To each their own.

seasonal color analysis - 16 types - I personally prefer the 12 types seasons) and find the extra 4 seasons unnecessary - 12 months in a year, 12 seasons

Best & Worst Colors for Summer, Seasonal Color Analysis

How to pick your best and worst colors. Crucial information for a capsule wardrobe. Do you have neutral undertones? Do you have gray in your eyes? Find out how all your features work together to create your unique complexion.

What Colours should you be wearing? I am a burnished winter so I should be wearing the deeper blues, reds, pinks and greens from the bottom left of the circle.


The Skin Tone Seasons. Check out my blog for more information about each season

The Skin Tone Seasons I guess I'm autumn, even though I have an olive complexion that has green undertones.

The connection between Color Theory and the Seasonal Color Analysis System with celebrity examples

Little more about colors and Color Theory

The connection between Color Theory and the Seasonal Color Analysis System with celebrity examples. Check out the main characteristics of colors and how they relate to your seasonal color palette

THE SEASONS - a simple system, a beautiful array of colors but ....  it doesn't work for everyone!  #seasonal color analysis #the seasons

Seasonal Color Analysis

Style Yourself Confident - Color Analysis (So apparently I'm not actually a "season;" my dominate feature is warmth, so I'm part of the warm "color family.

Here is your complete warm autumn seasonal color palette! Not sure if you are a Warm Autumn? Take the online seasonal color analysis quiz <= Click here to take the quiz. When in doubt, sign up for my personal seasonal color analysis... I'm glad to help! Warm Autumn Seasonal Color

Warm Autumn Seasonal Color Palette

Interesting to see colour palettes for all the Seasons next to each other. Good to compare overall feel of the Seasons.

colour analysis, women Equivalent references on other charts / Bright = Clear / True = Warm (Spring & Summer) / True = Cool (Summer & Winter) / Light = Tinted (white added) / Soft = Toned (gray added) / Dark = Deep or Shaded (black added)