Sebastian Rodger.

Sebastian Rodger.

John Barrowman gives his ultimate seal of approval to the DIY Tardis | David J Rodger ¦ Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy

Just like David Tennant believes he is actually Ten and like Tom Baker before him believed he was actually Four, I think John Barrowman believes he is actually Captain Jack Harkness.<--what do you mean, John Barrowman IS Captain Jack Harkness.

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The humans successfully broke the door down and ran in. Just then Jonas called Aria on the walkie-talkie and told them to duck. He shot all the humans from the roof of the building across the street through the window.

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Todd thinking about why he became a cop. To save people. Catch the bad guys and help the good guys.

winter soldier movie poster

The Winter Soldier. SO. they will kill off the Steve Rodger/Chris Evans Captain America in a few years and Bucky Barnes/Sebastian Stan (now the winter soldier) will take his place. it happened in the comics

Bach By Candlelight advertisement illus. from Santa Barbra chamber group (Independent)

Johann Sebastian Bach - Photographer: Frieke Janssens - For Kids

Gender reveal box – AlwaysTheOccasion

Gender reveal box

Are you expecting a little bundle of joy? Here is a cute way to announce, or find out, if you're having a boy or a girl. Pictures is the box from the little sister or little mister collection, but cus

Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman's son Skyler

Expensive Hollywood Kids' Clothes: How Much Celebrity Parents Spend

Expensive Hollywood Kids' Clothes: How Much Celebrity Parents Spend: Couture Kid: Skyler Berman

Rodger Stripe Sweater

Look at this RUUM Galvanized Gray Rodger Stripe Sweater - Boys on today!

A Reel Fun Gone Fishing Birthday Party

A Reel Fun "Gone Fishing" Birthday Party

Imagem: Priscila Tenorio Fotografia

ᐅ 45 ideias para uma festa do Homem Aranha!