You set my soul on a journey I fear it will never return from. & yet, at the same time, I never want it to end.

marvelheroes: “ Sebastian Stan photographed for “August Man” Malaysia’s April 2016 issue.

Sebastian Stan all black suits

Sebastian Stan, he can go all black always and no one will complain


Your Field Guide to Guys

Sebastian Stan - The Mad Hatter and Bucky/Winter Soldier! love him so much! If he poured that coffee onto my floor I'd be like who is going to clean that up mr.

The Evolution of Perfection A.K.A Sebastian Stan

capsicle-the-fabulous: “theonewiththevows: “ The Evolution of: Sebastian Stan ” thought you might like this for visual reference while writing” GOD BUT LOOK AT THE COMPARISON.

Cinnamon roll to Sinnamon Daddy  omg dying

Sinnamon Daddy is a pretty accurate description of Seb along with Chubby Dumpling.

Can you move your seat up

Okay this makes me mad.I see that jumpers have the purpose to warm ppl but it never was supposed to make him this hot?

Sebastian ⭐️ Stan - I hope the odds are in my favor

Sebastian ⭐️ Stan - I hope the odds are in my favor

I'd like to hear him sing and I'm so freakin happy that he has a 9 picture contract cause that means he will be Bucky 7 more times and that's a lot. He could still be Bucky when I'm 20 something

Sebastian Stan xD lol Anthony Mackie in the last 3 pictures tho. x'D I hope Chris (Evans) signs on for at least another three. If he can, I can't imagine anyone else playing Cap