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HIS FACE | Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes in Captain America:The Winter Solider

Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan xD lol Anthony Mackie in the last 3 pictures tho. x'D I hope Chris (Evans) signs on for at least another three.

Sebastian Stan at GQ Magazine's 2009 'Men Of The Year' Party..MY GOSH HE IS SOOO FRICKING HOT!!!!!!

Sebastian Stan at GQ Magazine's 2009 'Men Of The Year' Party. his enthusiasm warms up my heart.

weaver-of-night tumblr:  The Soldier - drawn in Photoshop

Hes wearing a Captain America shirts. Its like "is this Bucky Barnes or Sebastian Stan?<<<<<<<I say Bucky Barnes because of the metal arm

fucking imagine if he was actually your teacher though. you would get no work done. ever.

Well f*** me (quite literally, or is that too much? Am I crossing lines?)<<< not at all considering I screamed fuck me sideways in front of my whole class and I have just been sent out.

Sebastian ⭐️ Stan - I hope the odds are in my favor

Poor Sebastian Stan, that is why he is always with his ear buds, he is trying to ignore those calculating stares from men and women that want him.