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Rewinding time is not possiboe, but do over's are, sometimes we get another chance to so something right the second time that we got wrong the first time don't screw it up again

Everybody deserves a second chance, and maybe even a third chance, because life is too complicated to get it right the first time

I just want your love. Because I miss you so very much. Everyday I walk alone. And I wish we were hand in hand once again on this lonely road.

Two tone lips! I'm loving the orange & pink in the middle, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to wear it out.


Week 4 change: let your past make you better not bitter and make it a happily ever after. trying to remember this. trying to change who I was into who I want to be. and praying that certain people will come back into my life the way I want them there.

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Don't think you deserve this second chance, just know that I believe things can change.

And before y'all hit the comments with "Where they at tho?" "They don't exist." "HA! Yea right. Show me one." STAWP. I know many of us have had many heartbreaks, but, there ARE men out there who DO learn. JUST LIKE US. We ain't perfect EITHER. We make mistakes and learn from them TOO. So.. just stawp. Lol. Let the shout out live in peace  . #CiciB #thecrimsonkiss

Men AND women. It shouldn't always be so gender specific. Women screw up too. Everyone makes mistakes. Learn from them. Pray on them. Be forgiven.

Struggling with the fact that they wandered to begin with.

If they wander? Or if you rid your life of them? I think if you have to rid your life of someone, they will always stay gone.and smart enough.