Phil Coulson, Hawkeye, Deadpool || Secret Avengers #10 || art by Michael Walsh || 500x3120 || #comics

Oh Hawkeye. Imagine how that conversation with Deadpool went though. "Hey bro, I just missed a very important bus, and need a ride into the rainforest.

Black Widow and Lady Bullseye by Tradd Moore

Secret Avengers No. 12 Cover, Featuring: Black Widow, Lady Bullseye Marvel Comics Poster - 30 x 46 cm

Art Adams, continuing to decimate all.

Secret Avengers by Arthur Adams - Black Widow, Venom, Hawkeye, Valkyrie, Captain Britain and the Beast

Secret Avengers #6 This is why Hawkeye is still and forever my fave

Hawkeye has always been a sarcastic character but he’s also smart and a good leader. He’s lead avengers and thunderbolts. In recent years he’s come off as a shiftless, good for nothing and its sad.