Phil Coulson, Hawkeye, Deadpool || Secret Avengers #10 || art by Michael Walsh || 500x3120 || #comics

Oh Hawkeye. Imagine how that conversation with Deadpool went though. "Hey bro, I just missed a very important bus, and need a ride into the rainforest.

Secret Avengers #6 This is why Hawkeye is still and forever my fave

Hawkeye has always been a sarcastic character but he’s also smart and a good leader. He’s lead avengers and thunderbolts. In recent years he’s come off as a shiftless, good for nothing and its sad.

Art Adams, continuing to decimate all.

Black Widow, Venom, Beast, Captain Britain, Valkyrie & Hawkeye by Art Adams

Secret Avengers vol 1 #1 | Cover art by Marko Djurdjevic

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From Secret Avengers Volume 3 #01 (Ales Kot & Michael Walsh)

fuckyeahavengingarcher: ““ Clint: My name is Clint. ” From Secret Avengers Volume 3 (Ales Kot & Michael Walsh) ”

Secret Avengers #1 (tribute to James Bond 007) by Mike Deodator Jr., colours by Frank Martin

Secret Avengers (tribute to James Bond by Mike Deodato Jr, colors by Frank Martin

In Civil War, members of Young Avengers were captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. for not complying with the Superhuman Registration Act. Captain America & the Falcon helped them escape. Once in Captain America's secret base, the Young Avengers joined the resistance movement called the Secret Avengers. The team followed Captain America into a trap set by Iron Man. Wiccan, along with Cloak, was knocked out via tranquilizers while the rest of the Young Avengers joined the fight against Iron Ma

Young Avengers and Runaways during Marvel's Civil War event. Art by Jimmy Cheung.

Vengeance Of The Moon Knight

fumettimarvel: fumettiitaliani: wemporium: The Vengeance of Moon Knight cover by Francesco Mattina .

 A very well kept secret

All these professional actors are just high school acting nerds who got to keep playing