Charles Brandon with his wife, Mary Tudor. Duke and Duchess of Suffolk.

Fashions of the Tudor Court - The French Hood

Mary Tudor Queen of France, sister of Henry VIII married Louis XII. She later married Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk.

Queen Victoria's secret?  Did she marry Mr. Brown and have his daughter?  This is a very interesting article about one of the most famous monarchs of British history and of one of the most amazing love stories to come out of the 19th century.  Enjoy!

Victoria's secret? New evidence shows Queen Victoria married her Scottish groom and bore him a secret daughter who was spirited to America

A photo of Queen Victoria and her Highland Ghillie, John Brown. It is said that after the death of her husband, Albert, Victoria sought solace with Brown.

On this day 25th January, 1533 King Henry V!!! was secretly married to Anne Boleyn by The Bishop of Litchfield. Anne was the second of Henry's six wives and ten days before the wedding had discovered she was pregnant.

Tudor inspired art: Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn by Arthur Hopkins c. Depicts the day of the funeral of Henry VIII´s first wife, Catalina of Aragon. Sources of the time say both wore yellow, which in Tudor´s time was the color of celebration.

Thomas Seymour- c.1508-1549  BARON SEYMOUR OF SUDELEY, Lord High Admiral of England, was fourth son of Sir John Seymour of Wolf Hall, Wiltshire, and younger brother of the Protector Edward Seymour, 1st duke of Somerset. His sister Jane Seymour became the third wife of Henry VIII in 1536.  Tried to secure the princess Elizabeth in marriage; and when this project was frustrated he secretly married the late king's widow, Catherine Parr. Convicted of treason, and executed on the 20th of March…

Thomas Seymour, Brother of Queen Jane who later married Katherine Parr, Sixth Wife of Henry VIII. He was her fourth husband and it was a "true love match"

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Jodie Foster and Alexandra Hedison

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17 Hilarious Wives That Man Secretly Wish They Were Married To

17 Hilarious Wives That Man Secretly Wish They Were Married To

17 Hilarious Wives That Man Secretly Wish They Were Married To. Fucking Love No.