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Never thought you'd move on so soon when you swore you loved Me more than anyone It hit like a ton of bricks seeing the photo I knew it'd happen just not So soon :(

see you soon. by chelsea dirck, via Flickr #love

*I hope to be seeing you soon^ and it will be better than anything else. I miss you.

Im going to leave my account for a little while. I will be fine, i just need to rethink my life..

But in the last six months, I have lost two important people in my life. Both were goodbyes, forever.

"You're gone, gone, gone away. I watched you disappear. All that's left is the ghost of you. Now wait, wait, wait for me.Please hang around. I'll see you when I fall asleep.


Live life, take chances no matter how scary it seems.no regrets.just chances taken because we only live once -