The Effects of Epilepsy on the Body

Hey old friend, any more seizures? I hate worrying about this! Epilepsy is the most common brain disorder and it can be triggered by alcohol or drug use

Not all seizures have the same set of symptoms. Learn more about different types of seizure symptoms and warning signs.

Myoclonic Seizures in Canines

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Idaho Mother Loses Custody of Children After Treating Daughter’s Seizures With Cannabis Kelsey Osbourne faces criminal charges for using cannabis butter to relieve her three-year-old daughter’s seizure symptoms.

Epilepsy is the occurrence of sporadic electrical storms in the brain commonly called seizures. These storms cause behavioral manifestations (such as staring) or involuntary movements (such as gran…

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CURE Talking to Oxford University researchers, young people shared their epilepsy experiences on film. Here they talk about what helped them, and give messages of support to others.

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