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A beautifully done interactive magazine. This will be a cool OOH idea for a brand campaign. The interactive element definitely draws people attention and create actual interactions.

Self promotion design my next interview I'm doing this go hard or go home. reppined by

This self promo was printed in house - here the designer used Classic Crest Classic Natural White Cover & Text.

10 creative envelope designs: A custom-made envelope is a great way to make a good first impression. Take a look at these awesome creations to inspire your own designs.

15 creative envelope designs

Self Promotion by Miriam Sørli Onarheim, via Behance I like this because it's different and catches my eye from all the different patterns on it.

press kit // Idlewild Co. | National Stationery Show | #thankgodprepisover ...

The would make an adorable way to submit a resume (if people still did that on paper!) resume on left, cover letter on right, calling card at top right ("sapito" usado…

Fold a Hexaflexagon

Self promotion idea. Create a beautiful invitation to a new client to come and see your work. This is a beauty done by Mulberry show invite - well done!

create a (creative) manifesto and send it out for a self-promotion. Don't just say you're creative - SHOW them you're creative

"create a (creative) manifesto and send it out for a self-promotion. Don't just say you're creative - SHOW them you're creative" Another well-designed piece to send. Though not really my forte -too graphic design, not enough illustration.

Made You Look👁 self promotional project aswell as a personal challenge where I aim to design a poster a day throughout subject is totally random and the only rule is that it can't take longer than 17 minutes to complete.

How to make the perfect exhibition take-away—Stay in the minds of potential employers and commissioners with these seven print self-promo tips.

How to make the perfect exhibition take-away

Dennis Fuentes – Self-promotional mailer

Amazing self promotion idea. When sending out portfolios. When promoting your skills really matter - you have to go the extra mile. Great job - Dennis Fuentes – You are a jedi master:

Did you see all of last year's Promotion & Marketing Design Awards winners? Click to check out the full gallery, and be sure to enter by March 13, 2017 for the very best Early-Bird savings! #design #promotion #designers

Promotion & Marketing Design Winners: The Best Promotional Design

Promotion & Marketing Design Winners: The Best Promotional Design; OA Monique Monchelle self-promo

I like the simplicity of this design and the colour which has been chosen but it doesn't really show the person what type of person it is . All I really see is he/she maybe tidy but

Self Promo Pack by Alex Hines, via Behance- I like the delicate green and white combination it has a very calm feel about it. I also like the idea of displaying it as a pencil case think it gives something different.