Senior humor

Doc w/stethoscope: "Big Breaths." Hearing problems + gravity + age = her (and my probable) response "Used to be.

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Old Man: "Damn! Another Rerun On The Food Channel Again!" Old Woman: "That's The Microwave, Bob!

What happens when "Old Car" Guys move into the Nursing Home... #senior #humor

Photo: Old car guys in nursing home - Nursing Humor / Share . This will b my husband

Dad's eyesight getting worse? We can find an optometrist specializing in senior eye care:

I so enjoy leaving little framed funnies around candy or whatever the cartoon is related to. And my husband gets such a kick out of them, as well.

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Aging Humor: Nurse: The doctor would like a stool sample, a urine sample, and a sperm sample. Husband: What did she say? Wife: They want your underwear.

The Indignities Of Growing Old ~ The Best Senior Jokes!

The Indignities Of Growing Old ~ The Best Senior Jokes

The Indignities Of Growing Old ~ The Best Senior Jokes!