Seras Victoria ~ Hellsing Ultimate

Seras Victoria / Hellsing Ultimate (Day Most Gory Anime)

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back-to-back bandaid blonde hair braid cigarette green eyes hair over eyes hat hellsing kyou ceq light brown hair long hair pip bernardotte red eyes seras victoria smile white background

Seras Victoria from Hellsing Ultimate

Seras Victoria from Hellsing Ultimate (or police girl for the abridged lovers)

Sorry for the hiatus haha. Here& a recent fanart that I have completed! I& been meaning to draw Seras Victoria for the longest time. Honestly my favorite character in Hellsing (Alucard is fi.

80225 - seras-victoria Fan Art

Fan Art of 80225 for fans of Seras Victoria 23310932

Seres Victoria

- Seras Victoria, Hellsing Ultimate @ Kouta Hirano - ZIG for linework, Colours done in Paintool SAI, Edit in Photoshop - Yay~ Fanart of coloured Ser.