phfotograffi:  Wabi-Sabi.having a little fun on photoshop, came across it a couple of days ago, decided i wanted it on my iphone lock screen. sweet.

wabi-sabi (noun): A concept, an aesthetic, and a worldview. Simply, an intuitive way of living that emphasizes finding beauty in imperfection, and accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay. ~ ~ fb/Transcendental Meditation for Women

Southern Garden Pond

David Austin English Rose Garden at 2009 RHS Chelsea Flower Show "What a dreamy, beautiful garden!

Nyctophilia: Love of the darkness or night; Finding relaxatin or comfort in the darkness; Love of the Moon.

Nyctophilia- Love of darkness or night; Finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness; Love of the Moon.


Isolophilia (n): Strong affection for solitude, being alone preferable, social introvert, "I have seen Susan around town in while. Maybe her boyfriend's isolophilia has something to do with it.



We are honored to present you with the latest release from the Thomas Kinkade Vault – “Garden Manor”. The second piece in the “Mansions in Paradise” Collection, this painting reflects Thom’s love of the English Manor House. Its bright and glowing windows speak of family and a loving togetherness that gave special meaning to the passing of each day. Join us at “Garden Manor” and celebrate life, serenely happy and wrapped in the comforting surroundings of a life well lived.

Garden Manor – Limited Edition Art

Garden Manor – Limited Edition Art - The English Manor House was a long-time favorite subject of Thomas Kinkade's.