so no one told you life was gonna be this waay. clap. clap. clap. clap.

How to Wear Denim Like It's The I love denim! I love old-school “been through some things” rough denim even more. How much do I love denim you ask?

Harley Quinn: You inspire my inner serial killer. Joker: That's what I wanted to do.

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That's why Scott's pack is better. No matter how different they all are, they are very good friends. And Scott is a true leader

Sunday brunch (52 photos)

Sunday brunch (52 photos)

...not necessarily true. A serial killer is traditionally defined as a person who has killed three or more people over a period of more than a month, with down time (a "cooling off period") between the murders, and whose motivation for killing is usually based on psychological gratification. The murders may have been attempted or completed in a similar fashion and the victims may have had something in common; for example, occupation, race, appearance, sex, or age group. - wikipedia

It's for purely fictional purposes okay! And you might catch a marlin!

.....Wow... The boy who played Ben is Cody from The Suite Life on Deck (Zach and Cody)?!

Funny pictures about The Cast of Friends: Then & Now. Oh, and cool pics about The Cast of Friends: Then & Now. Also, The Cast of Friends: Then & Now photos.

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Monica and Rachel being woken up by Joey and Chandler's chick that was turning into a rooster.