Seth Mach – Stillis Typeface

Stillis Typeface by Seth Mach, via Behance beautiful font. Why don't I have a "q" in my name? Love that ampersand!

Oh Bella. I am leaning toward a real thick and thin stroke font for your identity. Mixed with a bit of the rawness of Fortune magazine.

BELLA FONT I Designed in the classical French Didot style but with a contemporary geometrical twist. Due to the extreme thinness of the hairlines, it is recommended to use Bella at display sizes only.

Brand Identity-Logo design by LOOLAA

Brand Identity-Logo design by LOOLAA

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Superior Title by MCKL

Superior Title by type foundry MCKL (Minneapolis). High contrast typeface, kind of missing link between Bodoni + Times, suitable for fashion…

lovely type //

Lovely serif type from Logos & Letters - Lisa Hedge My name never looked so good.

Daily Ligature | 01-02 | r + a

Negative space creates a simple, yet impactful logo type from a serif style font.

This image uses Sans Serif typography. This typography more specifically uses a geometric Sans Serif typeface.

40 Floral Typography Designs that Combine Flowers & Text

YOU. #graphic #design #print

Font Size Change on Poster, Attention/Personalized -- Strong typo on pale photo book cover (Cover Magazine / Book Youth)

Geometrica Sans Free Typeface

[Freebies] Geometrica Sans Free Typeface is what we can have today! this regular weight is coming from Geometrica Sans Type family. This typeface is a geometric san serif font designed using the most basic shape of geometry.

60 Quality FREE Fonts You Probably Don't Own, But Should!

60 Quality FREE Fonts You Probably Don't Own, But Should!

Wild Rose  Published in Typography inspiration | #1145

25 Cool Type & Lettering Designs

Love this combination of fonts. Am thinking of having Amber Roberts in this combo, with my company description in a sans serif.

Best free fonts // Typography

55 best free fonts for designers

A case of the blahs // I love this font and typography, but I love the quote even more! Perfect for Monday mornings or just when you're feeling a bit meh.