Just so you know you should always tip a waitress! Like it says at the bottom "if you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to go out to eat." I have had many people tell me they think everyone should work in a restaurant at some point in time.

Tips. However, if the service was bad, not necessarily the food, but the service, then that tip might be a penny. Once had a waitress hit on my husband with me sitting there. That bitch didn't even get a penny.

For real. Its not going to get you any special treatment, just make your server hate you even more

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I found this funnier than I should have, probably XD

Then you get the people that freak out when you actually give them a booth, and they're like no can we just get a table and it fucks up rotation 😂😂

How I think the waitress feels when all my fam goes out to eat together lol

Ha ha, I remember being a server and hating when big groups asked for split checks!

Three of the FabFour were servers, so.....yeah. tip em. That's their paycheck.

Server Problems: There's a special place in hell for people who don't tip their servers. A place where you are very thirsty and no one will bring you a glass of water.


Server problems- or forget what they ordered, so you stand there while they say "no I had bacon, you had the sausage" "no I had brown toast" "well so did I!" FUCKING HELL JUST TAKE THE PLATES!

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