Sewing closet

Lots of good tips for making a closet a work room, like putting lighting and electrical for a sewing room

My Sewing Closet: Lighting

Putting lighting and electrical into a closet to make it a sewing room. Easy idea to utilize the spare bedroom closet in your home into your sewing space.

An ideal Sewing Closet?  A space to get crafty in!

My Sewing Closet

Sewing Closet Organizer - When she is done she just closes that closet door! But I love the clear hanging organizers on the inside of the doors. The chair could be better though. Lighting seems good.

Craft/Sewing Closet

Craft/Sewing Closet

I have always wanted a space dedicated to crafting and sewing but never had the space. Using my kids old toy closet, I created this beautiful space just for me.

Remodelaholic | Sewing Closet Revamp; Using Every Inch Wisely!

Sewing Closet Revamp; Using Every Inch Wisely!

Suggestions for creating a sewing room - including remember to include a full length mirror for "trying on" (hadn't thought of that!)

Illustration of a large hobby workspace contained in a closet. So many good ideas for setting up any crafting area, from an extension office home economist! Love the fold down table idea.

Inspiring Small Sewing Closets.  Looks efficient.

good idea- set up your machine on a table in the closet and you can pull the chair out and close the door on the mess.

craft sewing closet, craft rooms

Craft/Sewing Closet

bottom shelf design DIY by Design: Craft/Sewing Closet Reveal Would look pretty good over sewing machine

Duct tape it to a pole to keep cords off the floor

My Sewing Closet

Instead of duct tape (and losing a outlet, stick velcro on the back of the power strip and the other part to the place you want to adhere it to (L @ HelmigHaus)