Nice contrast with the succulent.

Gorgeous black and white vessel with sgraffito detail for texture

Hand-carved sgraffito tiles, great for making a statement on your walls. Shino Botanical Triad 2 by Natalie Blake. Ceramic Wall Sculpture available at

Shino Botanical Triad 2 by Natalie Blake (Ceramic Wall Sculpture

Shino Botanical Triad 2 by Natalie Blake. These tiles are hand-carved sgraffito glazed in Shino. Each tile measures 12

Sgraffito picture tutorial by Lakeshore Pottery

sgraffito bees tile - This would make a beautiful candle coaster for an apidae beeswax candle.

Patricia Griffin...images can be a portion of the image, with color around them.

Patrticia Griffin is a ceramic artist making vessels, wall-hangings and functional pottery with etched designs that look like woodcuts and scrimshaw. Visit her studio in a converted one-room schoolhouse in Cambria, Ca.