Shadowrun 5: Spirit Punch by on @DeviantArt

Shadowrun Spirit Punch by *raben-aas on deviantART

And another sneak peak at the publishing-soon Shadowrun: Market Panic art, this one by Victor Moreno. Enjoy! Randall

Artwork from Market Panic (Shadowrun 5 Corporate Guide) by Victor Manuel Leza Moreno

Art from Data Trails (Shadowrun 5 Matrix Core Book)

Art from Data Trails (Shadowrun 5 Matrix Core Book)

Shadowrun Eurocar Westwind 2075 by raben-aas on DeviantArt

From the German Shadowrun 5 Core Rules Shadowrun Eurocar Westwind 2075

Baphomet 2 in Fonsheka

Baphomet 2 in Fonsheka

Marksman Adept by on @DeviantArt

Shadowpunkers is a group of Cyberpunk Culture fans, Technology, Music and especially the Shadowrun RPG.

Shadowrun by Grobi-Grafik on DeviantArt

Shadowrun by Grobi-Grafik Female/ Blue Hair/ Punk/ Goth/ Fantasy/ Leather Jacket