Shadowrun online

Shadowrun Online by Cliffhanger Productions, via Kickstarter.

This is the second time that Shadowrun has turned up on the crowd funding site Kickstarter, the first time was Shadowrun Returns, this was a single player game. However, Shadowrun Online is somethi…

John Liew Design: Concepts

Cmment if you are interested in my new Super Hero RP Board! You make an OC, no other hero worlds exist. Even if you are not interested, give me feedback on the possibility of matchmaker with the superheroes or no? Thanks all!

Shadowrun - Svetlana by echo-x

Shadowrun - Svetlana by echo-x

Shadowrun Online Opens Kickstarter Campaign |

This successfully funded via Kickstarter retro RPG Shadowrun Returns will appear in later today on Steam and we have already alluded to the title by hand.

Kowloon: Over time, both the British and the Chinese governments found the massive, anarchic city to be increasingly intolerable - despite the low reported crime rate in later years

Kowloon Walled City: A rare insight into one of the most densely populated places on earth which housed 50,000 people

Kowloon Walled City - West Side Street, 1989 (by Greg Girard) / alley / sci fi / dark future / cyberpunk / dystopia