2012 Junior II Champs - National Shag Dance Championship - BEYOND COOL! What fabulous dancers already!!!

These kids are most excellent dancers! Kayla Henley and Jeremy Webb won the 2012 Junior II Division at the National SHAG Dance Championships.

southern | shag the movie.

southern | shag the movie.

Chip and Pudge (Scott Coffey, Annabeth Gish) from Shag

Chip and Pudge (Scott Coffey, Annabeth Gish) from Shag - My first favorite couple! I remember loving them when I was a kid. Shag was my favorite movie when I was young.

Carson's bubble flip! Shag The Movie...second only to The Sound of Music. <<----take that back

"Mary Pat told you that?" -- Shag, the Movie Have fond memories of watching this with my sister.

From the movie Shag (1989) "I wouldn't marry a Buzz Revonal of he was the last man in the free world"

Best of the 80s: Shag (1989)

http://media.vogue.com/files/Few things say summer like Shag: the Movie (1989). The movie’s the perfect cocktail of high jinks, young love, sixties fashion, and, um, cocktails, so in the spirit of the season, we’re offering updated looks inspired by the best summer cult classic o

SHAG: The Movie . one of my all time favorites! I watched it today abt later. my fav is pudge aka caroline and chip and the dancing.

Vogue Daily — Shag

Melaina the Starlet - Shag: Bridget Fonda