Woah this place is weird. Hey I'm Taylor Pevensie. Susan Pevensie's daughter. I'm single. 16. I love drawing, reading, writing, and yeah. I'm not from wherever this place is. Introduce?

Why Did "Divergent's" Producers Deviate From The Text To Add A Rape Scene?

the lovely and beautiful Shailene Woodly.. she looks like Lana del Rey here.. and Im in love with Lana.. soooo this is perfect!

the lovely and beautiful Shailene Woodly. she looks like Lana del Rey here. and Im in love with Lana.

Shailene Woodley!! Before I saw Divergent I used to think that they should have picked a different person to play Tris. Now that I've seen the movie around 5 times my opinion has tremendously changed, she is a wonderful actress and I'm so excited to see her in The Fault In Our Stars.

Shailene Woodley plays Beatrice aka Tris in Divergent and co-stars with Theo James. Sha also plays Hazel in Fault in Our Stars and is set to star in White Bird in a Blizzard!

Shailene Woodley - in my opinion one of the most naturally beautiful and inspirational women there is

Shailene Woodley Only seen her acting in The Spectacular Now however, she's not only a marvelous actress but a really down to earth person as well celebrity gossip

Chest Made of Pallet Wood | 99 Pallets

Chest Made of Pallet Wood

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Shailene Woodley won at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards and gives a beautiful speech thanking the writer of the book her movie was based on, John Green