best writer that ever lived:  Very informative website on Shakespeare's life, writing, threatrial productions and contexts from the university of Victoria

This is reliable becouse it has many pages with a lot of information about shakespeare. Also is reliable becouse it was written by Internet Shakespeare Editions and students of Victoria university

Folger Shakespeare Library; Shakespeare's Life

An overview of Shakespeare's life from the Folger Shakespeare Library.


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A Timeline of Shakespeare's life by  our new website: (coming soon)

Shakespeare timeline - Link events in Shakespeare’s life to production of his major works. This would be great for researching what was going on in his life during the time he wrote specific plays and what might have influenced his writing.

Learn all about William Shakespeare at the Folger Library online. #shakespeare #folgerlibrary

This source is an article from the well-known Folger Shakespeare Library. It is about Shakespeare´s life and it talks about the London Theatre, his works, his family, etc. This source is very valuable because it is from the Folger Shakespeare Library.

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Writing Prompt - Her mind was an interesting place; it was where she kept her most beloved fantasies.

From the blog of fiction writer September C. Fawkes. #GrammarGirl #QDT #QuickAndDirtyTips

How to Write a Fight Scene

From the blog of fiction writer September C. Fawkes. #GrammarGirl #QDT #QuickAndDirtyTips

Shakespeare’s contemporaries and collaborators [infographic]

Shakespeare's contemporaries and collaborators [infographic

Like many of his contemporaries, Shakespeare’s early years were spent working with and for several playing companies. Although he may not have performed in every company, he was involved with the Queen’s Men, the Admiral’s Men, the Earl of Pembroke’s.

The Game of Shakespeare's Life! — Good Tickle Brain: A Mostly Shakespeare Webcomic

The Game of Shakespeare's Life!

Continuing our epic journey towards Shakespeare’s death anniversary on Saturday, here is a handy-dandy board game that allows you to relive all the exciting ups and downs of this master.

awesome How to Write a Macbeth Essay? -- Structure, Steps

William Shakespeare's Macbeth Infographic to help you understand everything about the book. Visually learn all about the characters, themes, and William Shakespeare.

Comment mener une vie créative ? Bon, je vous rassure tout de suite, devant cette infographie, vous allez retrouver les grands classiques de l’inspiration comme sortir marcher, lire Shakespeare ou faire des listes… Mais ce qui sera un peu inspirant ce sera les autres conseils, si vous regardez bien, pour mener une vie créative, faire …

[infographie] Comment mener une vie créative ?

10 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (385)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

10 Inspirational Quotes Of The Day (385)

Time is very slow for those who wait. Very fast for those who lament. Very short for those who celebrate. But for those who love, time is eternal" -William Shakespeare

A timeline of events during #Shakespeare's life & how they influenced his writing/creativity

William Shakespeare – a historical timeline

To celebrate the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, The Telegraph have prepared a timeline of events that happened during the life…

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