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Shakira's kids, Sasha and Milan, are growing up so fast. In a recent Instagram picture, the Colombian singer, who most recently showed off her toned postbaby body while filming a beachside commercial, cozies up to her two boys, captioning the cuddly moment: "With my two real gurus."

Shakira Cuddles Up to Her Adorable Sons in This Precious Instagram Photo

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Charlie Bit Me

That hurts, Charlie!" [funny video] "Charlie bit me!

Shakira and Kids at Gerard Pique's Soccer Game April 2015 | POPSUGAR Celebrity

Shakira Brings the Kids to Cheer For Gerard Piqué — See the Cute Pics and PDA!

(The Grosby Group) Shakira Y su bebe

Chocolate Explosion Cake

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I FREACKING LAUGHED IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS<------ Everyone pray for our fallen brother or sister. They did many great thing in their life. Ahh who am I kidding they have a pinterest. They are most likely antisocial and have allowed fandoms to consume their soul. Just like someone else I know.... *sobs*

belly dancing is actually indescribably easy once i learned the basics. I wonder if i have wonder-hips

SOOOOOO cut! Shakira's kid!

49 Super Cute Pics of Shakira's Bebé, Milan

Shakira's son Milan and his bubble eyes. So cute!

David Tennant bunny dance

Am I the only one who squealed? Reshare if you love the Doctor. And if you…<<< I squealed too it's sO KAWAII!

Shakira Kids & husband - 2016  {New LifeStyle}

Shakira Kids & husband - 2016 {New LifeStyle}

Shakira Brings the Kids to Cheer For Gerard Piqué

Shakira Brings the Kids to Cheer For Gerard Piqué — See the Cute Pics and PDA!

Shakira brought little Milan and baby Sasha to cheer on Gerard Piqué during his Saturday soccer match in Barcelona, Spain. The world-renowned pop star