Prue Halliwell

Prue Halliwell

Prue Halliwell - ROCK, Prue is depicted as one of the featured leads on the television series Charmed, portrayed by Shannen Doherty in the first 66 epis

Guilty guilty guilty pleasure: Old episodes of 90210.... never really got over the 90's I guess

Beverly Hills Have seen every episode. My favorite tv show of all time.

Neat/reusable centerpiece

Candle centerpieces using upside-down wine glasses. Like this idea a lot but worry about how easy it would be to knock the candles off. hmmmm LED candles insead of wax/glass probably.

punk clothing - Google Search

Black and white striped top - love this style, but thinking brown/copper with rich jewel colors for accents Gothic

Team SHANNON - Lifetime Member #Shannon

Team SHANNON - Lifetime Member #Shannon

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Shannen Doherty as Prue Halliwell (Season 3 of "Charmed")

Beverly Hills 90210 Brenda Shannen Doherty TV Show Poster 23x35

Beverly Hills 90210 Brenda 1991 Poster 23x35