Sharp shadows creating art

Great photo - would translate well to a painted application on interior stairs to mimic the shadow Urban Photography / Lark Foord

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Rankin AKA John Rankin Waddell, Photographer

Co Antrim's Giant’s Causeway

Natural wonders in the UK

Co Antrim's Giant’s Causeway is a true world wonder Made up of black basalt columns jutting from the sea on Northern Ireland's Antrim plateau, the site, featured in many local legends, has been studied extensively by geologists.

Minimalist urban photography from the series "Who want sky".

Minimalist photography of urban architecture and shapes by Matthieu Venot. Matthieu Venot is a self taught photographer from Brest in Brittany, France.

Looking up :-)                                                       …

'Look up' Works with the shadows on the buildings, so they look darker than usual, like how the buildings are dark and the sky is light, like the opposite of negative space.

How to photograph classic heart-shaped shadows using wedding rings and a simple table lamp.

10 best iPhone camera and photo editing apps

31 Great examples of still life photography.  This on is Joanna Jaskolska - falling

Don McCullin interviewed by Professional Photography


Les photos Instagram parfaitement symétriques qui raviront les toqués

Symmetry has always been a source of obsession in architecture. In Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, and later during the Renaissance, symmetry was used as a way to find true beauty, while in the early Modern movement its eradication was an.

ASS2: Rhythm: a) The use of lines and the repetition of the beams make my eyes continuously follow down the centre towards the end of the beams. I think the use of rhythm is used successfully in the image because of the you view the image as well as the proper use of principles and elements. photographer: Raed Yahya Al-Banna

Photographer, Raed Yahya Al-Banna, uses rhythm in this photo by capturing the repetition within this architecture. We also see symmetry in this photo.

Creative photography ideas: create light trails with sparklers

If you're looking for creative photography ideas to bolster your portfolio, try this simple method of creating light trails with sparklers.