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All About 2D Shapes

"Meet the Shapes" Poem & Activities.Maybe even make pillow shape people to go along with it and put in the playhouse/book areas

Circle Shape Poems (song)

Shape Poems (song) Oval PoemThis Is An Oval - sung to "Frere Jacques" This is an oval, this is an oval.

The Shape Song #1 (2D Shapes) | Super Simple Songs

Find circles, diamonds, squares, and hearts in "The Shape Song video. After, get out your art supplies and draw your own shapes pictures. From Super Simple Songs.

I use these in my classroom and my kids sing these songs all the time throughout the day! The tune of "Farmer in the Dell" They LOVE them! (FREE download!) [From Mrs. Lee's Kinder]

Here's a nice series of posters with shape poem songs for triangle, rectangle, square and circle.

Shape Song - School Songs For Children

Shape Song - School Songs For Children