How To Determine Your Breast Shape To Find Your Perfect Bra!

How To Determine Your Breast Shape To Find Your Perfect Bra!

Seven most common breast shapes that should dictate what type of bra they should be shopping for.

A vision board is a combination of collage and mind-map, a display of images of how you would like your forthcoming year to be

See your way to a brighter New Year

Instead of 20 minutes spent on visualizing, spend them on simple actions TOWARDS your goal

{free} Shape Wallcards.  I am always looking for things for my kids to learn!

Here are some free shape wall card and flashcards - perfect for not only teaching toddlers and preschoolers their shapes, but also to be used on shape scavenger hunts and other fun hands on learning activities.

Partially naked cakes, succulent accents, geometric shapes | Image by Vic Bonvicini Photography

Boho Georgia Wedding at Dunaway Gardens

This wedding at Dunaway Gardens features a sage green and light pink palette, DIY décor everywhere, and tons of heartfelt moments.

Baseboard Types Every Homeowner Should Know About

27 Best Baseboard Style Ideas & Remodel Pictures

When winter comes, it seems that everything becomes monotonous and dull. The weather is too frightful to play outside and the leaves all fell off. Especially on a snow day, your kids always find that the usual games they played cannot continue in the snow. As an omnipotent parent, how can you make your kids […] -- Read more info by clicking the link on the image. #iggm

Great Golf Tips To Build Up Your Skills

Use for church chorister games - holes are worth certain points, can color them primary/secondary/tertiary and make a point value.Easy to make, lots of fun.

Am I the only one who noticed when two people are about to kiss it creates this less than perfect heart shaped image? I think it is one of God's amazing pieces of art that is part of us. That when two people are in love, their relationship is far from perfect but they still love each other. So I might over think things, but I've always thought this since I was a child watching Disney and Sound of Music and other movies, anyone else notice this?

40 Inspiring Love Pictures

Lover's silhouette love photography black and white couples kiss close. You may have to look for a while to see the silhouette image.

One simple movement game that the children used to love when I was teaching was making body shapes. Immy loves it too and I think it is a great game because it is easy to play both inside and outside. In it's simplest form, to play body shapes I would ask the children to use…

Movement Games: Making Body Shapes (with Printable Body Shape Cards