blue shar pei puppy named Perry Wrinkle. 9 weeks old from Russia.

best pictures and photos ideas about adorable chinese shar pei puppies - oldest dog breeds

best images and photos ideas about awesome chinese shar pei dogs - oldest dog breeds

(17+) Oldest Dog Breed in The World (EXOTIC INSIDE)

Tonkey the bear-coat Shar Pei.     ••••(KO) Tonkey is sleepy and doesn't want to pose for pictures.

Meet Tonkey, the four-month-old bear coat Shar Pei puppy who looks more like a teddy bear than a dog. A photo posted by Tonkey Bear ( on May 2015 at PDT Owned by Christi.

Shar Pei - I just love those wrinkles. Maybe I'll get a dog like this when I retire.. Then we can relate to each other quite nicely. :)

These wrinkly shar pei puppies are so cute in such a silly way! Enjoy the top 10 cutest shar pei puppy pics I could find :) While you're at it, check out

Amazing Shar Pei puppies sitting together

Shar Pei's in 3 colors! This is the only reason why wrinkles are good only for dogs adorable

Chocolate Shar Pei - looks just like someone's bein a cutie

My favorite dog growing up was a cinnamon colored Shar Pei named Mich. best dog ever, made me fall in love with Shar Pei's.

I just want to melt in his wrinkles!!

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6 Best Guard Dogs: Chinese Shar-Pei: The Shar Pei is often suspicious of strangers, which pertains to their origin as a guard dog. It is a very independent and reserved breed. Nevertheless, the Shar Pei is extremely devoted, loyal and affectionate.

Shar Pei Mini Poster - Obey the Shar Pei

Obey the Shar Pei! Large Propaganda Poster> Shar Pei Dictator> Obey the Pure breed - Coupons

This dog is a good watchdog and is well tempered for children

Front view - A wrinkled, tan Chinese Shar-Pei dog standing outside in brown grass looking forward. Its mouth is open, its black tongue is out and it looks like it is smiling. The dog has a lot of extra skin.