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do that for jenny savile with page filled with fleshy tones and colours Artist Research Page, Francoise Nielly


Miu miu collection

Inspiration for cover/shared pages. Perhaps instead of having one persons design on the front or get someone to do a drawing for it, we could collage together pieces of different people's work ARTS THREAD Portfolios - ARTS THREAD

Centamin is allowed to carry on mining,significant upside. -

Centamin is allowed to carry on mining,significant upside. -

LETTING GO PAINTINGS! #portfolio #artist #murphy #relationships #fineart #home #decor #wallart #balloons #love #prints #arts

Letting go

LETTING GO PAINTINGS! #portfolio #artist #murphy #relationships #fineart #home #decor #wallart #balloons #love #prints #arts

AL A2 Fine Art, A3 Cream Sketchbook, Brainstorm, ESA Theme 'Truth Fantasy or Fiction', Thomas Rotherham College, 2016 #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists

I like how this folio is laid out because it is very eye catching and interesting. Something that could make it better is more space between things so it isn't so over whelming.

Exploring the theme of obsession in this Photography sketchbook. Great use of visuals and artist research in combination with annotation.

Sketchbook Documentation & Annotation Joshua Brooks Sketchbook Annotations When referencing the work of other photo.

Aegean Metals Group Inc. Announces Shareholder Approval of Acquisition by Mariana Resources Limited - - #MARL

The Guardian Mariana Resources added to after positive initial drilling results from four holes at its Hot Maden Copper Gold Project - DirectorsTalk

This image works as a photo montage because it combines what people look like when they are young and when they are older.

AgeMaps, Spliced Portraits of People As Youths and Adults

Photographer Bobby Neel Adams combines two photos of his portraits subjects—one as a youth and one as an adult—into composite portraits he calls “AgeMaps.” The portraits are composited without the aid of computers. Idea for 'time/change' theme for my fmp