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Sharks facts - WTF fun facts - There are much more to sharks than just being the perfect predator!

Sharks are some of our favorite sea creatures to (safely) encounter on our dive trips and we love learning more about them. For instance, did you know that some species only grow to be 6-8 inches long? #sharks #scuba

Shark Wranglers infographic

History Infographic: Shark Wranglers - Column Five Media

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Sand Tiger Shark - WTF fun facts i knew this, when we dissected sharks my middle school science teacher told us this.

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.Heh bet u didn't kno dat! But I did!!!!

Lowering its pectorial fins swimming back and forth in a zig zag motion is a sign a shark will attack.

Shark Science: Children's Dentistry | #Bountiful | #UT |

Shark Science (Infographic)

The only thing I disagree with this post, The film Deep Blue Sea wasn't Great White Sharks they had, it was Mako Sharks and Open Water were Reef Sharks.


At an elementary school event, I suggested that a shark biting into a human is like biting into an Oreo only to realize that some prankster has replaced the filling with toothpaste.

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Thought You Should Know This

The perceived danger of sharks may be a little skewed. You're statistically more likely to die from a falling coconut, lightning, icicles, vending machines and rollercoasters than from a shark attack. How concerned should we be about shark attacks?