Sharpie Tie Dye Designs on Fabric
Want to let your kids express their creativity without all the mess of tie-dye?  Use markers instead to create summer t-shirts they will have a blast designing and wearing!
"Tie Dye" T-Shirts using Sharpie Markers
So we all know how Pinterest-obsessed I am {sigh}. When I started seeing tutorials for using permanent markers to do your own tie dye des...
Complex sharpie tie dye
Sharpie Tie Dye Designs on Fabric
Contributor unknown. How to Make a Bleach Pen. Use the pen to bleach out sections of a stamped image.
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Tye dye with Sharpie markers & isopropyl alcohol
Dye Design T-shirts with Sharpies
Sharpie Shirts and Hair Bows via @LifeMooreBabies
Sharpie Shirts and Hair Bows
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