Vera Expressions by *sharpie91 on deviantART I LOVE Sharpie91's art!!!!!

Chart showing how to draw different facial expressions/emotions for a female cartoon character.

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Today’s the first day of shark week so here are some thresher sharks. Is it just me, or is anyone else disappointed that most of shark week is devoted to only a few species of sharks?

Gravity Falls Stuff 2 by sharkie19 on DeviantArt

Some Gravity Falls. Geez, I need to quit drawing Mermando, but he the best. I also tried drawing Soos, Wendy. I also tried drawing Stan, but he wasn't as lucky.

Shark Stuff 2 by sharpie91 on deviantART

Shark Stuff 2 by on deviantART [ "So here are some more sketches of Vera and Noah. Mostly Vera though because I