1967 Shasta Compact For Sale

This is a 1967 Shasta Compact. This little angel has lost her Shasta wings, but is still heavenly. She has been kept under a permanent shelter to protect her from the elements.

My 1965 Shasta Compact as it would have looked originally, interior. Not going to recreate the look, but ideas to consider.

shasta compact--the layout is the same as the play pac but in squeezes in a bit more storage and the fridge is in a better spot--keep this in mind

1963 Shasta Compact

1963 Shasta Compact

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Some older-model trailers had / have hammocks instead of bunks....I am installing two into my trailer....one over the bed and one over the dinnette.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the canvas sleeping bunk in our 1961 Shasta Compact. With the 1964 Shasta Astroflyte, sleeping arrangements were never an issue because it would sleep

The Pearl: Making the bed in a Shasta Compact

Well, some of you may be wondering how anyone can sleep in a teeny Shasta Compact. I went across country with 3 children, ages 14 and

1961 Shasta Compact Shasta

1961 Shasta Compact Travel Trailer 13' Long 1125 LBS. Weight

1961 Shasta Compact Shasta

1964 Shasta Compact  by MidCenturyMama, via Flickr

We had this 13 footer when I was a kid . Family of five my brother slept on the floor and my mom froze block of ice for the icebox.

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1968 Shasta Compact $6500

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