Or anything with no fandom... Shatter Me should have a HUGE Fandom... I have decided! @Nici Renee

Or anything with no fandom

Shatter Me , Featuring Lzzy Hale - Lindsey Stirling ---- I have been so excited for this one. I mean, Lindsey AND Lzzy Hale?!

Someone make me feel alive & shatter me. Love this song Shatter Me Featuring Lzzy Hale - Lindsey Stirling

Tahereh's handwriting/ Warner's tattoo. Unravel, shatter and ignite me

Tahereh Mafi on

Tahereh's handwriting/ Warner's hip tattoo Quote from Shakespeare. Unravel Me (Shatter Me series).

Shatter Me quote-Aaron Warner Anderson!

Aaron Warner - Books are easily destroyed, but words will live as long as people remember them

Shatter Me Series → First Lines

These are the first lines to the three books starting off in the Shatter Me series, Juliette speaks of every single one, showing who she is.