"-Look! This guy is nice! - Yeah, but he still is not Warner..."

‘warner shatter me’ iPhone Case/Skin by annalisareyanne

I died basically when reading this!!!! Okay so, Warner always says 'love' at the end of his sentences when talking to Juliette, which makes me wonder if he is British.... Is he? I mean his Father Paris Anderson, is the Supreme Commander of North America, and Warner says he has always lived here. Was his unknown/ mysterious mother maybe British?

That scene left me almost dead.breath in, breathe out, stay calm, I can get through this.

I Grieve Nothing I Take Everything •Shatter Me • Unravel Me • Ignite Me •

After reading Fracture Me and two chapters of Ignite Me, I'm pretty sure she's going to pick Warner ;) I seriously hope she does ♡♡♡♡♡