Woolies pick n mix

Begging your mum for this everytime in woolworths n then packing as much as u can in the cup n end up being ill for being a greedy bastard

Ever Ready Cycle Lamp

These were around when I was a kid and even older ones. Funny but you still see the lamp holder on bikes today. From a time when people remembered the need to have lamps on their bikes - I still have my Dad's bike lamps.

Ladybird key words reading scheme - Oh I loved learning to read these books!

Play with us. The Ladybird Key Word Reading Scheme was 36 books, and - This is the kind of childhood I dreamed of and Jay actually had.

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Three planks of wood, a seat, 4 pram wheels and a piece of thick rope. A friend made one - absolutely lethal

Playground horse manufactured by Wicksteed

Playground rocking horse, another of my favourite playground apparatuses.

Remember, remember, the 5th of November.............

Who remembers going round all your neighbours houses collecting wood and scrap for the bonfire?

The Clangers (1969-74)

The Clangers! Best and first ever fave childhood Programme recently heard its being brought back at huge cost.

Kitchen idea - Long narrow kitchen design with window over sink...sink n window, check, dunno if I'm quite this long tho...

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