We love Hawaiian shave ice! So many delicious flavors to choose from! Check out this guide so you know where to buy yours in Maui:  http://www.ohanafun.net/blog/hawaiian-shave-ice/

Hawaiian Shave Ice: Your Guide To This Tasty and Thirst-Obliterating Treat

Kauai Shave Ice..had this in Hawaii!

Best Hawaii Trips: Kauai's Top 10 Must-Sees

Shave ice... best summer treat! Or Snoball hut works.;)

Taste The Rainbow

Matsumoto Shave Ice; they put scoops of vanilla icecream in the bottom of the cone-shaped cup, add shaved ice and any flavor of syrup or combo of flavors imaginable!


Head to Matsumoto Shave Ice for the Hawaiian special (pineapple, coconut and banana).

The ultimate snow cone flavor combination chart will make your summer so delicious

Bet ya can't try all 20 of these snow cone flavor combos before summer ends

ultimate snow cone flavor combination chart will make your summer so delicious

Discover the latest take on Kauai's beloved Shave Ice: fresh fruit, all organic ingredients- it must be from The Fresh Shave!

The Fresh Shave is the first all organic shave ice on Kauai. We use organic cane sugar, fresh fruit, and natural ingredients!

Trying to avoid artificial dyes? Find out how easy it can be with these 21 recipes for All Natural DIY Snow Cone Syrups!

All Natural DIY Snow Cone Syrup

DIY snow cones, no artificial dyes/corn syrup! Has recipes for various fruit and other flavors (ie vanilla)

Pretty pastel shaved ice. JILLSTUART CAFE : レインボーシェイブアイス

This summer i want to eat more snow cones // summer inspiration

Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Infographic

Many people don't know the difference between shaved ice and snow cones. Check out this helpful infographic to compare the two!