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Simple Science: How Clouds Make Rain

Simple Science: How Clouds Make Rain. When rainy weather hits and you're stuck inside this simple science experiment is perfect for teaching little learners how clouds make rain.

When you set out to shave your legs for the summer.

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This is the best:

He has now felt the luxurious joy of smooth legs. Also the annoying labor that gets you there>>>Yes, the very very annoying and activating process of the time consuming task that is leg shaving.

Ryan Reynolds' Twitter is a lot of fun.

Ryan Reynolds' Twitter is a lot of fun.

I'm not going to shave my armpits to validate Social Norms. But after that, back off, Social Norms.

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So then…I click the blinker, just as my daughter Chloe, age 15, says, “You remember how you taught me to shave my legs – the calves and thighs?” I turn the steering wheel right, continue up the hill, and answer, “Yeah.” “Well, my friends Maggie and Layla just shave from the knees down. They say only strippers shave their thighs.” My eyes pop. Really? I’ve always shaved my thighs. Am I secretly a stripper? Maybe I have that sleepwalking disease where I don’t even know that I’m waking in the…

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