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Skin Care: Benefits Of Shea Butter On Your Skin

This is sooo good for that tough super dry skin -- Shea Butter Facts | Dr.Axe

Repair Skin & Boost Collagen with Raw Shea Butter

10 Recipes to Make with Shea Butter

10 Recipes to Make with Shea Butter

10 Recipes to Make with Shea Butter — Humblebee & Me (The Adventures of the Average American)

DIY Curl Cream (Aloe Vera gel + Coconut oil + Shea butter)

DIY Curl Cream

Here is a a new natural hair care DIY curl cream that uses pure aloe vera gel, coconut oil, and shea butter to give you the most beautiful curly hair youve ever had by only using this magical DIY curl cream!

Homemade Body Butter with Shea and Coconut Oil _ Dry air means rough, dry skin. Wind-burned, chapped, cracking dry skin. But fear not, because I’m here to save your hide with this homemade body butter, made with moisturizing Shea butter and unrefined coconut oil.

Shea and Coconut Oil Body Butter - cup shea butter cup coconut oil cup olive or almond oil drops your favorite essential oil

Lemon Shea Butter Soap - Creamy, smooth and fresh. This beautiful DIY soap leaves skin feeling so soft and makes a lovely homemade gift.

I have brought 25 of the best doTERRA Essential Oils DIY Soap and Bath Recipes all together right here in one place.

African Shea Butter "Yellow/Gold" Pure Raw Unrefined 8 oz. "container" Great products helps seal in moisture and keep hair hydrated.

Pure Shea butter is coveted throughout Africa for its natural skin care benefits. Several great benefits of Shea butter are: Use as a shaving cream for a smooth silky shave, stretch mark prevention du

DIY Shea Butter Lotion Bars

DIY Gift Idea: Shea Butter Lotion Bars

Easy DIY shea butter lotion bars ounces cup) shea butter // 2 ounces cup) beeswax pastilles // 3 tablespoons coconut oil // 10 drops of essential oils)