Sherlock Episode 3 Season 3 Ending. Sherlock goes up against notorious blackmailer Charles Augustus Magnussen.

His Last Vow Sherlock Full Episode. Sherlock goes up against notorious blackmailer Charles Augustus Magnussen.

Try joining the Sherlock fandom..... But only if you want to fall in love with a sociopath and an army doctor, and proceed to be emotionally scarred, waiting in agony until season three. But hey, we have attractive (and incredibly intelligent) British men. So it's kinda worth it.

Waiting for new episodes…

Try being a fan for Sherlock, and doctor who, AND legend of korra <---- gotta add homestuck to this list

Ssherlock 2010 [Unaired Pilot] The original unaired pilot, if you haven't seen it, you should watch it. This Sherlock is much less intense

This is the original, unaired pilot for Sherlock. Benedict plays him differently and I like it. Sherlock is friendly and somewhat approachable.

Sherlock Quote from 4x01 │  Sherlock Holmes (to Rosamund): As ever, Watson, you see but do not observe. To you, the world remains an impenetrable mystery, whereas, to me, it is an open book. Hard logic versus romantic whimsy – that is your choice. You fail to connect actions to their consequences. Now, for the last time, if you want to keep the rattle, do not throw the rattle. │ #Sherlock #Quotes

30 Best Sherlock Quotes from 'The Six Thatchers' (4x01

Enjoy the best Sherlock quotes from episode 'The Six Thatchers'. 'The Six Thatchers' is the first episode of season (BBC, season 4 episode 1 -

Spoilers: Do not read this article until you have finished "The Final Problem."

Let's Chat About Sherlock And Lestrade In That Final "Sherlock" Episode

I feel so disappointed with half the Sherlock fandoms reaction to season four.

funny sherlock | Tumblr

When I first saw this post I thought the angle of depression was just something someone made up to go with the pic. But I learned in math that it is actually a real thing. Used in math.

This is why I love Tumblr and Sherlock

It's lilac, not lavender. Learn your shades of purple; you're lowering the IQ of the whole street. (I kinda ship Sherlolly tho.

This links to the unaired pilot episode of BBC Sherlock! Every Sherlockian should watch this, even though it isn't as good as the aired one. But it does have the jeans, and also some funny bits that were omitted from the aired.

'Sherlock' Unaired Pilot "A Study In Pink" --- I cannot describe how weird it felt to watch this. My brain just kept screaming "WRONG!" Anderson had a beard! Sherlock was drunk!

Sherlock's pet peeve...

Like a kid getting called by their full name. *jawn, no. don't tell everyone my full name. no, jawn. let me be mysterious. you're embarrassing me, jawn*<< Jawn, don't make me call you Hamish.

My reaction when someone doesn't get my Sherlock reference.

My reaction when someone doesn't get my Sherlock reference.<< I then forced her to watch the show with me and now she has spiraled into insanity just like I did



I'm willing to bet that stuffing John in a bonfire pyre was done because Moffett and Gattiss troll the interwebs, blogs, etc. and know full well that John's associated with hedgehogs in the fandom. They planned it like this, then sat back and waited to see if the fandom would notice.

Just when you thought that episode couldn't be any more like fanfiction. <------ Checking bonfires for Jawns is now a thing.