Bucket of Shiba Inu puppies (x-post /r/rarepuppers)

Bucket of Shiba Inu puppies (x-post /r/rarepuppers)

I miss my Shiba Inu. She was so spunky.

The Shiba Inu - A Unique Dog Breed

Seventeen years ago I was introduced to the Shiba dog breed when I added a new member to our family by the name of Tess. The first thing about her that captivated me was her alert, intelligent eyes even though she was just a young puppy. I knew she.

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Shiba puppy. I remember when my precious Finnegan was this little.

Ren♥ Shiba puppy I remember when my precious Finnegan was this little.

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And we will take walks in the rain and eat the droplets as they fall...then it's bath time for you, puppy dog!

Shiba Inu catching rain drops in the rain! Many rains. Much wet.

Shiba Inu puppiesa are confident, courageous and absolutely loving!

Top 10 Cutest Puppies

On March saw red shiba inu at hiking trail. Name was Amaya or Maya. May come up for adoption via Shiba Inu Rescue of Texas. (Not actual dog in pic.) that's my puppy (: