Tell me how many shiney pokemon u see and how many legendaries you see?

Chibi pokemon, are the most adorable thing. after chibi Princess Luna.

Pokemon Sun / Moon QR Codes - Imgur

Pokemon Sun / Moon QR Codes

Day 603 B - Mega Rayquaza (Shiny) by on @DeviantArt

If you see this headed towards you in the sky. Run. Run motherfucker run.

Hahaha! Ever seen a shiny Giratina though? EPICNESS!!!

Don't Hate Us Cause We're Beautiful

Shiny Pokemon Classification<-- Shiny Yvetal(idk how to spell it's name yet) looks like muscle tissue,tendons&ligaments a bit.

once i found a shiny and i traded it for a level 100 Reshiram. I always wondered why that person wanted to trade their Reshiram…

This All Shiny Horde Battle is Ridiculous

This All Shiny Horde Battle is Ridiculous // But. You can only catch one Pokemon from a horde battle.

Shiny Mega Gengar Buster

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Shiny Mega Gengar

Shiny Mega Gengar