Compass with ship tattoo - 100 Awesome Compass Tattoo Designs

100 Awesome Compass Tattoo Designs

Where ya will go A compass is a navigational instrument to determine the direction of magnetic north, which is important for the mariners of early age to find their way of navigation. Compass tattoo, or its derived compass rose tattoo… Continue Reading →

Realistic Sleeve tattoos

Realistic Sleeve tattoos

Thread Tattoos - Ship and Roses | Urban Threads: Unique and Awesome Embroidery Designs

Made for embroidery, but I like the roses + ship <Thread Tattoos - Ship and Roses

A great tattoo design of a ship standing on a rock. Creative idea for men.

Best Ship on Rock Tattoo Design

The best tattoo idea in sketch style. This tattoo means strength, struggle and power.

Connecting Ship Tattoo Design by Leigh Harris

50 Amazing Ship Tattoos You Won't Believe Are Real


Captains Cenes ship, The Hell Hole (Or The Gates of Hell. Or something along those lines)